Why W.A.R and what’s the significance of the name?

W.A.R is much more than an awesome name for a bicycle brand. It stems from the very beginnings of the Ross Bicycle’s family legacy, dated all the way back to 1940. That was the year Albert Ross launched “Ross Galvanizing Works.” The company originally was in the business of manufacturing pipes, ammunition boxes, fittings and galvanizing the U.S Military’s ships for World War II. Albert Ross was a true patriot in every sense of the word. He was also a brilliant business man, caring father and dedicated American. His love and passion for our country was a big aspect in every part of his life. During World War lI, he was set on helping the United States and the Allied Forces claim victory, by doing everything he could with his company to support our armed forces. 

The name and brand W.A.R is a tribute to Albert Ross, those that have given their lives for freedom, our Veterans, and all that have helped pursue an end to tyranny, across the world. The passion Albert Ross had, lives on through his grandson Randy Ross and great grand son Shaun Ross; the founders of W.A.R. (We Are Riders)

We Are Revolutionary, We Are Ross, We Are Riders!

Now that you understand the name, let’s get to know the family behind the brand.

After the victory by the United States and our alliances in World War II, Albert Ross incorporated Chain Bike Corp to begin manufacturing wheeled goods. Second to Albert’s passion for his country, was his passion for cycling. In 1946, when the war had ended, he wanted to pursue that passion and develop his dream of manufacturing bicycles into a reality. From 1946-1960, all types of wheeled goods and products were manufactured by Albert’s Chain Bike Corp. 

    The love for bicycles and the United States runs generations deep in the Ross family. Albert’s son, Sherwood Ross, born April, 1921 enlisted in the Marines during World War II and was shot in both legs in the Pacific. He received two bronze stars for his service. After his life in the military, Sherwood followed in his fathers footsteps and became a brilliant engineer, eventually becoming the president of Chain Bike Corp. It was at that time, the name changed to Ross Bicycles inc and the bikes were branded ROSS. Sherwood continued manufacturing bicycles for many years and re-invented all types of wheels over his career running ROSS. He was a great man and contributor to the cycling industry. He held several bicycle-related patents, became President of the Bicycle Institute of America and the Bicycle Manufacturing Association. 

   The Ross’s manufactured over 20 million bicycles over the years and developed several disciplines to manufacturing bicycles, while capturing different markets along with industry trends, that are still being used to this day.  In 1968, Ross created the “Marlin” with a console stick shift and the Barracuda Beast with a Futura sports car steering wheel. We were known for constantly pushing the limits for what was possible out of a bicycle. Sherwood Ross died in 2013, but his dreams of the Ross family manufacturing bicycles once again did not die with him. Sherwood’s dying wish was that his son and grandson would pickup manufacturing where he left off and continue the family legacy in the cycling industry.

     Randy Ross, Sherwood’s son, our current President is 3rd generation of the Ross bicycle’s family. It’s no surprise, that Randy naturally developed a passion for cycling and the family business as a child.  In 1982, Randy became Vice President at Ross Bicycles Inc under Sherwood Ross and had a vision for manufacturing big wheeled bicycles. The whole bicycling industry; including his father Sherwood, thought he was crazy and that big wheeled bicycles wouldn’t work. That was the year Ross debuted the first ever mass produced mountain bike. There is always a difference of opinion in the cycling industry about who invented the mountain bike, but there’s one thing that is fact; Randy Ross and his team at Ross were the first to ever mass produce the mountain bike. It was in those years, that Ross had officially solidified themselves as pioneers and innovators to the sport of Mountain Biking. 

 Shortly after producing the first mountain bikes, Randy launched the first factory sponsored professional mountain bike race team, the Ross Indians. The Ross Indians are known to be the first mountain bike race team in existence. To this day, Randy Ross is well known in the cycling industry and considered a legend in the sport of mountain bike racing for his contributions to the industry. 

 Presently, Randy Ross and his son Shaun Ross, the 4th generation of the Ross Bicycles family, along with their investors and bicycle industry veteran staff, are embarking on a path to resurrect the once storied and vibrant brand Ross and new brand W.A.R. Ross was built on innovation, risk, creating trends and being the first to move into areas where others were hesitant. The Ross family will continue this philosophy as we re-launch and re-introduce our bicycles to the world, while donating a percentage of all sales to wounded veterans everywhere.

Below are some great memories, videos, AD’s, articles and images of old Ross bicycles manufactured from 1946-1989.

Easy Money – Rodney Rides A Ross

A blast from the past. In the 1983 hit “Easy Money”, Joe Pesci has Rodney Dangerfield ride his Ross stationary bike. Rodney was a great friend of the Ross family and is missed dearly to this day.

“Gung Ho” 1986 Michael Keaton Comedy Hit

In this scene, the wife has purchased a new Ross bicycle for their son. She’s trying to get him to put it together, but he’s far to busy working on plans to save the factory. 

Channel 7 Deco Drive – Randy Ross Stepper

Randy Ross is interviewed by Ellie Rodriguez in South Beach about the new Randy Ross Steppers. The Steppers were an instant success in South Beach and other beach communities.

Team Ross Magazine AD from the 80s.

“Ross Bicycles, always pushing the limits”